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State of the Game - October 30th

We’ll let you in on a little secret. While we release these posts on Wednesdays, we actually write them on Tuesday. This Tuesday, however, Ken and I made our way to a local indie meetup to socialize, drink and let some people play Atomic Brawl. With that in mind, this one is briefer (and later) than usual.

Bleeps and Bloops

Sound effects are nearly done! The crew over at Power Up Audio (@PowerUpAudio) has been hard at work, and is just putting the finishing touches on things. We think you’ll really like these when you hear them as they add a TON of depth to the game. We expect to have these live sometime this weekend.

Voices in our Heads

Ken and Jacob Burgess (@CapnXez) recorded a heap of takes for the voice overs for the tutorial last Friday. The results are super awesome, and ridiculously funny. We just need to choose what takes we want and toss them in the game. This will go live sometime in the next week.

In Game Friends

We finished the “Friends Feature” on the weekend. Just a bit more testing to do, and then it’s launch time! This will mean a few new things:

  • When you hover over your opponent in-game, you can see their play record and their deck name. Clicking on their avatar will take you to their public profile.
  • Public profile will give you a breakdown on a player’s record as well as their current league ranking.
  • You can add players as friends! Not only will that make it easier to start games with them, but we’ll also track your record against them. This way you can always know how you’ve done against everyone on your friends list.

Balancing Act

The next big thing we’ll focus on once all of that is launched is balance. Balance is a tricky topic, but we have a boat-load of feedback along with various stats that we can use to determine which cards are underpowered and which are overpowered. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please send us in-game feedback and we’ll incorporate your suggestions into our balancing discussions.

Random Thing of the Week

Last week we mentioned Day[9]’s Spellslingers. There’s a new episode that just came out and it is full of awesome. Check it out, MTG peeps!

Alex Holowka (@infinite_ammo), creator of Aquaria, gave an AWESOME talk at the event we attended about his experiences as an indie dev and also included a trailer for his upcoming game, Night In The Woods. The game is currently being kickstarted and looks awesome! We backed it, and SO SHOULD YOU!