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The Present, and Future

Back when Ken and I started Atomic Brawl, we aimed to create our ideal game. A fun, humorous, tactics-CCG that we could play quickly and easily, on our own terms. And we feel like we succeeded in that goal. We’ve enjoyed it immensely, and have had heart-warming feedback from many happy fans.

Since launching over a year ago, we’ve had about four thousand people roll through the Atomic Brawl gates. We were thrilled to see that many people loved what they saw and played the game fanatically. As game creators, having people love what you create was, and is, an amazing feeling.

The unfortunate part of this story is that the games industry is a hit-driven business, and it’s very difficult to succeed financially. Despite our best efforts, we haven’t been able to attract enough players to continue active development.

Ken and I spent a hard 3 years developing this, on top of of normal full-time jobs. We invested a significant portion of our own money on legal, art, marketing, and server costs. At this time we’ve lost a lot of money making this game, not to mention the thousands of unpaid hours. As much as we would love to continue development, adding new cards and features and growing the game – we can’t justify investing any more time and money at this point without the confidence that it will pay off.

Atomic Brawl will continue to run for now. We’re happy to cover the costs of running the game – so if you’re an active player – things are not going away. We’re planning to keep it online for another year at least, unless anything goes terribly wrong, or there are very few people playing.

For everyone who gave us a shot and all the friends we’ve made along the way: Thank you! You’ve made this experience awesome! While we never grew the level we wanted, it was still a ton of fun. Keep Brawlin’

Atomically yours,

Chris and Ken